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Reihnard Becker at the piano: Haydn sonata Nr 60

The present recording is the result of a long commitment to the piano works of Joseph Haydn. Reinhard Becker undertook his first all-Haydn program as early as 1986.

Joseph Haydn

Piano Works

Reinhard Becker, piano


Reihnard Becker at the piano: Lizst: Musik von Liebe aund Tod

Franz Liszt followed one supreme maxim: to renew music by conjoining it with poetry in an intimate union. His poetic ideas sprang mainly from the visual arts, the Bible, and the works of Weimar Classicism. The central human topics of these ideas – God, love, and death – were to be the subjects of his music, too.

Franz Liszt

Music of Love and Death

Reinhard Becker, piano


Reihnard Becker at the piano: Debussy and Faure

The transitional stage characterising Debussy's final period comes out very clealy in the second volume of the Preludes composed betwen 1910-1913. In his Preludes and Variations, Fauré follows the internal principles of music.

Debussy and Fauré

French Piano Music

Reinhard Becker, piano


Majamisty Jazz TriO

After studying piano with Alan Fraser at the Art Academy of Novi Sad, Maja Alvanovich has now reincarnated as a very fine jazz pianist and composer. Majamisty, her first album, received rave reviews and she has become a popular fixture of the Eastern Europe jazz scene.

Majamisty TriO


Majamisty Trio