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Alan Fraser’s new understanding of hand structure & function promises to improve any pianist’s technique.

∙ Frees your hand from stress by accessing its innate, structural potency.
∙ Teaches your hand to move powerfully and accurately by honing skeletal alignments.
∙ Develops an intelligent hand – one with integrity, strength and suppleness.
∙ Increases awareness of hand’s skeletal structure to cultivate “sensory-motor learning.”
∙ Brings a wealth of physiological knowledge to the nuts & bolts of piano technique.
∙ Informal and informed presentation of cutting edge technical knowledge.

· New discoveries in biomechanics evoke a completely new experience of the human hand.

    Craft of Piano Method: in the past 50 years, the single
  most significant advance in the study of piano technique.

Offers new, effective solutions for your most common technical problems.
Greatly enhances your colour and sonority – brings your sound to life!
Clarifies your hand’s innate structure and function to increase your power and sensitivity,
     the relaxation and agility of your technique.
Corrects your counterproductive movements to increase the potency of your hand structure,      enhance tone and avoid injury.
Frees you from both tension and over-relaxation by teaching you effective hand activation      based on optimal skeletal alignment.
Although The Craft of Piano Playing is designed to empower already healthy piano techniques,
     it also eliminates the risk of tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, focal dystonia, Repetitive      Stress Injury (RSI) and other performance injuries.
Links your physical technique to musical expression to create an “absolutely natural way
     of moving at the piano, powerful, flexible, and musical.”
(PianoNews, Germany)

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piano technique dvd

  As you read this, doubtless many questions pop into your mind about The Craft of Piano   Playing:

      • Just how can a DVD achieve such astonishing results?
      • Is The Craft of Piano Playing for me?
      • If so, what do I stand to gain from it? What’s in it for me?

   To have these and other questions answered, follow this link to
  The Craft of Piano Playing conversation page.

Not a chat room, not a blog and not a forum – The Craft of Piano Playing
conversation page is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into
the whole issue of piano technique, particularly  your own.

The highest professional production values
of any piano technique video.

90-minute colour film in English: PAL & NTSC formats, all regions compatible.
Detailed menu gets you easily to any point in the film – a highly effective pedagogical tool.
Designed for use in conjunction with the book, the DVD also stands well on its own…
  - Watch the DVD for an immediate, graphically effective presentation of Alan Fraser's ideas.
   - Read the book for more detailed explanations, fleshing out the ideas and deepening your         mastery of these core elements of piano technique.
   - Return to the DVD for an ever more powerful integration of the ideas into your playing.

The Craft of Piano Playing helps all pianists:

∙ professional classical pianists
∙ piano teachers and professors
∙ university students
∙ adult amateurs
∙ beginners both young and old
∙ jazz pianists
∙ pop keyboardists.

∙ Helps non-pianists as well, offering new, practical insights into hand function for   computer operators and others with tendonitis.

Fraser is an “engaging and informative host” (International Piano, UK) whose congenial      camera presence will always entertain you – his wry sense of humour often helps      illustrate a point.

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craft of piano playing dvd

Experience Craft of Piano Method for free! Sign up to receive five lessons,
emailed to you once a day and offered to you absolutely free of charge.



These lessons alone are guaranteed to transform your piano technique.
They offer you a glimpse into the world of Craft of Piano Method, a world that
will revitalize your fingers, your hand, your sound and your expression.

Over 35 years of intensive research…

Since 1965 Canadian pianist Alan Fraser has immersed himself in the German, French and Russian schools of piano technique, subjecting the best aspects of each to rigorous analysis in the light of his 20-year experience in Feldenkrais Method and his even longer ongoing collaboration with Croatian virtuoso Kemal Gekich. The result is a totally new approach to piano technique that builds on and goes beyond the finger action and arm weight schools, returning to the very structure and function of the human hand to unlock its innate capacity for powerful, evolved action on the keyboard. The potent stability of the hand’s natural arches, “skeletal alignment,” and “unstable equilibrium” are just a few of the concepts that lace this easy-to-access and empowering look at how we do what we do at the piano. 

The principles of physical movement in The Craft of Piano Playing apply to everyone:

children and beginners...

“The video has been of great help to my 10 year old son Robin. Even with his small hands that barely reach one octave, Alan's grasping technique helped him create rich and orchestral-like sounds on chordal passages. Robin was also very excited to find that with daily practice for just the past several days, his pinky has already shown new skeletal strength.”

L.M.H., Ottawa, Canada 

university professors...

“…One student whom I have been working with for two years has totally collapsible hands. She is musical and creative and intelligent, but her playing has remained on a very intermediate level. Last week I had her doing your hand exercises, and low and behold, a week later her hands are working properly and looking like those of a pianist! A miracle!

     ‘She had to discover the sensations in her hands of what it feels like to have the fingers straight and not breaking, particularly the 5th finger, showing the “hummocks“, and keeping an eye on the integrity of the bridge at all times. And the overholding, or super legato, really works wonders. Thank you!”

C. A., Professor of Piano and Department Chairman, Hope, Wisconsin


adult amateurs...

"Your DVD on piano technique is a masterpiece of analysis, patience and clarity of expression. You have a tremendous ability to make a very complex issue easy to understand; you are not using dry meaningless language as technique videos do. I have never before seen such detailed and, at least in my very humble opinion, correct analysis of piano technique. I am very grateful to you for taking the immense trouble of putting all these scientifically sound principles on paper…”

Z. B., physician, Fayetteville, NC



“What a joy to watch my recent purchase, The Craft of Piano Playing, and to practice its empowering exercises. In a very short time it has already had a tremendous affect on my playing. I feel more released and not so heavy as I was, and have started to develop a speed I would normally think was not possible. I am delighted by your manner and the way you put the information across – it is entertaining and presented with such ease which makes learning fun. I have recommended this highly to my pupils and all my piano friends. Thank you again for putting such a great piece of helpful and inspiring work together – it has certainly paid off for me, and is very much appreciated. Thank you!

A. W., composer & teacher, London, England


and top professionals...

“Alan, your film showed me exactly what was missing from my technique! I made those few adjustments (structural integrity, etc.) and now I can touch the keyboard and play with full confidence!! Also, you totally convinced me how FULL and radiant chords can sound without pressing or attacking the way I've always done! And I finally have to confess that it’s true, it really seems like I have never before fully understood the REAL meaning of legato playing: the connection to the keyboard and especially the SOUND it instantly produces. You helped me tap into a world I thought would never be accessible to me. THANK YOU!”

M. F., Concert pianist and Conservatoire professor, Quebec City, Canada


“You gained my trust when you exposed the hazards of flawed attempts of the finger action approach and the arm weight approach to piano technique. I have challenged many pianists and teachers on these points over the years. This made me feel that your thoughts were well-considered.

’Two points you included in the demo were revelations to me; the security of arching the hand, and turning the hand to increase interval span. I imagine it doesn't surprise you anymore hearing pianists report this. Those two tips alone were an instant boon for my piano technique. The results of just one practice session convinced me that I had to have your DVD. I just received it and I'm on fire.

J.J., Concert pianist, New York City.

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the craft of piano playing dvd

The Craft of Piano Playing imparts more knowledge about piano technique than even a dozen sessions with the master could achieve. Do the math, you'll realize that we offer over $1800 worth of piano lessons for the ridiculously low price of

Don’t delay, buy The Craft of Piano Playing today!

And remember, every purchase of this DVD gives you a
FREE Gold Membership at the Craft of Piano Playing Forum (a $12.95 value).

a word from one more viewer...

“... I got tendonitis seven years ago, and thus my search for preventative, injury-free piano technique started. I spent literally thousands of dollars along the line, but still continued to play with discomfort and pain. After implementing your info just from chapter 1 about the hand's arch structure, I was able to play the piano without pain and residual discomfort for one hour for the first time in SEVEN years.

     ‘Your approach to technique makes the most sense bio-mechanically, physiologically, and sonically. That first clip of Brailowsky with the camera shot under his hands showing that beautiful cathedral arch you so expertly demonstrated made me just about fall off my chair. Then I started to mentally peruse all the internal images I have of seeing the greats perform. Really, I own all those videos you excerpted on your DVD! I implemented just a few ideas you suggested, and you were bang on.

     ‘Do you realize that when I put both my hands up to a wall, like you did in the video, the arches and joints in my hands all went flat! There was no arch structure, and you were right on when you said that the arch structure is generally the weak link in piano technique. Then you backed it up with that cool anecdote about Neuhaus and what he did to students' hand arches. I could go on and on about the million "ah-ha" moments I had while watching your DVD. I am completely exhilarated and convinced about the soundness and caliber of your teachings and discovery. The beautiful thing is, you cared enough to take the time to really figure this stuff out and make a positive impact on people's lives, and for that I am truly thankful.

     ‘Also, you are an absolute riot to watch! My wife heard me laughing my head off and asked, "Weren't you watching a piano technique video?" and then you fell off the bench - that was great! You should know that 10,000 miles away you made a huge difference in the life of one pianist. THANKS!

J.P., Washington State, USA

the craft of piano playing dvd


for more background information
about Craft of Piano Method.

alan fraser the craft of piano playing dvd

Visit Alan Fraser.net

for more information on Alan Fraser
recitals, master classes and workshops.

The Craft of Piano Playing DVD::Maple Grove Music Productions

"This fascinating DVD is a 'must have' for any pianist wanting to master their
piano technique..."
La Lettre du Musicien, France

crafy of piano

"… the most detailed and intensive study
of the subject since Otto Ortmann's
seminal work, The Physiological
Mechanics of Pianoforte Technique
Piano Magazine, UK

crafy of piano

''Astoundingly profound knowledge of
body movement and structure..."
ISSTIP Journal, UK

crafy of piano

buy piano technique dvd

"A guaranteed huge improvement to your
piano sound."
PianoNews, Germany

crafy of piano

"Challnges many common pedagogical beleifes and ideas of movement ...full of fascinating insights and ideas..."
ISSTIP Journal, UK

crafy of piano

"...well-devised, carefully structured and always laced with humor this very serious topic"
EPTA Journal, UK

crafy of piano

the craft of piano playing dvd forum
∙Find out how other pianists are using
 The Craft of Piano Playing to revolutionize
 their technique and solve the unsolvable.

∙Alan Fraser himself answers questions
 on problems of technique and repertoire
 submitted by pianists of all types.

∙A forum for the ongoing development
 and expansion of the initial ideas
 of The Craft of Piano Playing.

“All serious pianists should acquire The Craft of Piano Playing... ”
EPTA Journal, UK

crafy of piano

“…avoids the dryness of many pedagogical manuals and is delivered with wit and charm, openness and a strong clarity of intention and thought”
ISSTIP Journal, UK

crafy of piano

“Incredibly user-friendly..."
ISSTIP Journal, UK

crafy of piano

Don’t wait, start learning from
The Craft of Piano Playing today!
Sign up for our


 These mini-lessons present some of the  key ideas from The Craft of Piano Playing
 in abridged form. Get a first taste of the
 transformation awaiting you… 

 Sign up today and your first email
 lesson will arrive within minutes.

-absolutely free of charge-


“While The Craft of Piano Playing may at first appear to treat physical phenomena in isolation, its whole raison d’etre is more eloquently to communicate the emotional, spiritual, philosophical and dramatic content of the music we play.”
Piano Magazine, UK

crafy of piano

“Alan Fraser has written a formidable and insightful volume on piano technique… 417 articulate and eloquent pages… so much to absorb…a course based on the content of this book alone strikes me as a possibility for a pedagogy teacher.”
American Music Teacher, USA

crafy of piano

“Here is a book so radical in approach, so meticulously and sometimes densely argued, so far beyond the scope of any short review, that anything like a serious discussion of it must be postponed until a feature article can at least begin to do justice to the thought and research that lie behind it…”
Piano Magazine, UK

crafy of piano

craft of piano playing dvd

Several new books by Alan Fraser
will soon grace our catalogue. All
related to The Craft of Piano Playing,
they expand upon, enrich and deepen
the body of thought found on his DVD…



Skeletal Based Piano Technique

craft of piano
craft of piano playing dvd  The Craft of Piano  Playing DVD Demo  Series

the craft of piano playing dvd  Alan Fraser Master  Class, Linz, Austria  2008

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